The fashion icon talks sustainable living at her NYC headquarters.


Earlier this year Eileen Fisher took home The CFDA’s Positive Change Award for her commitment to sustainability. Her acceptance speech was poignant, elegant, and inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that we had to talk to her about it ourselves.

Eileen Fisher, CEO, Founder, and Chairwoman of Eileen Fisher Inc. has been creating simple, wearable, easy to dress garments for over 30 years. Committed to making fashion more sustainable throughout it all, Fisher now has a program dedicated to recycling older pieces, a factory devoted to minimizing fashion production’s negative effects, and has received notice for her company as a B Corporation, the largest in NY States, for marked social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

On her brand’s ethos

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to focus on natural fibers and materials and timeless design. We have never wavered from that commitment. As we began to expand, we started to layer in the brand pillars of sustainability, human rights and initiatives for women and girls. These core values serve as the foundation for all that we continue to do today.

On the importance of using safe dyes and natural fibers

It’s important because it reduces the harmful impacts that may occur when producing garments. The use of responsible dyes allows for garments to be made without hazardous chemicals, while also using less water and energy. Our natural fabrics, such as organic cotton and Tencel ®, reduce waste and are safe for workers and the environment.

On the inspiration behind Tiny Factory and RESEWN

We’ve taken back over 1 million EILEEN FISHER pieces since starting our take-back program in 2009. At Tiny Factory in Irvington, New York, these pieces are sorted and either cleaned and resold or deconstructed to create something one of a kind. As a company, we have a consumer responsibility for what we make and where it ends up.

On her days, currently

In my still relatively new role as co-CEO, I continuously seek to find a balance between work and personal life. Making sure that I take time for myself between meetings and daily tasks. 

On how she lives a sustainable life

In general, I am conscious about what I consume. I avoid single-use plastic and reuse as much as possible. I try not to wash my clothes often and instead use a steamer to revive my garments.